Rejestracja Registration Flesh and Blood Super Armory Classic Constructed 27.10 at 15:30

Premiera 27 paź 2023
  • Angielskie Angielskie

Wydarzenie specjalne (special event)

Registering hints for foreigners as our system is not really up to international sales at this time:
- you do not need to create an account on our page in order to register
- you will always need to choose Poland as country, but you can add your actual country next to city name, if you want to
- if you preffer to pay us in EUR full explaination on how to do it (and on other payment options) can be found at the end of registration description

Please do not add any physical items to registrations order. If you want something please create separate order. If you want to pick it up at the event please let us know in order comments.

  • Gra: Battle Hardened, Flesh and Blood

Dostosowywanie produktu

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  • Maks. 250 znaków
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Nasza cena:

80,00 zł
68,00 zł
-12,00 zł

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Opis produktu

Wydarzenie będzie prowadzone po angielsku. Prosimy wziąć to pod uwagę w trakcie rejestracji. Większość obsługi będzie znała zarówno język angielski oraz polski. Opis wydarzenia oraz rejestracji dostępny jest jedynie w wersji angielskiej poniżej.

Event will be run in English. Most judges will speak both English and Polish. All public announcements during event will be in English (some can be followed by Polish translation).

This event takes place at OSiR Polna Big Conference Room at 1st Floor, Polna 7A, 00-625 Warszawa, Poland
This venue is located around 120m away from our store. We will only have some basic accessories available to buy on Friday at the venue, so feel free to visit our brick and mortar store in case you need some stuff either before event starts, between rounds or after event ends (store will be open this day at least 15 minutes after Super Armory is finished).

By buying this registration you hereby accept our terms and conditions (only available in Polish)
As this is a special type of event point 12.2.b) doesn't work, which means Registration is non-refundable. You can still use 12.2.a) which means it can be transfereed to another person who is eliglible to compete. Player change requests must be sent via email at

In order to take part in the event you need to have FaB Player ID number. In case you don't have it please create one here before registering -

General Battle Hardened weekend announcement can be found here - Battle Hardened Weekend 27-29.10.2023

Format: Classic Constructed
REL: Casual - decklists A4 format required
You can also send your program generated decklist (sorry - no photos) at
If you use this option it must be send no later than 15:20 27.10.2023 and email must be titled "Decklist Super Armory Family name + Name"
Number of rounds: 6 - swiss-only
Round time: 55 minutes (including 5 minutes for setup)
Rules for timer: Clock starts when pairings are posted. Pairings will be available online and at the screen
Prizes based on your score:
6-0 - 1x Armory Kit Cold Foil + 2x Armory Kit Rainbow Foils + 1x Armory Playmat + 240 TIX
5-1 - 2x Armory Kit Rainbow Foils + 80 TIX
4-2 - 30 TIX

You can find more info about TIX in general BH Weekend announcement (link few lines above)

Please remember that registration to be valid needs to be paid for within 3 workdays since registering
How to pay us, if you are a foreigner?
1. TPay can be used to pay by card in PLN

2. You can also pay us by bank transfer in PLN or in EUR
In both cases please choose "Zapłać przelewem" as payment method. You will get automated email with our PLN bank account data. In case you will pay in PLN then you can use data from email or we also give it below in point a. In case you want to pay EUR please ignore data from email and use data from point b. Please don't mix accounts as standard bank exchange rates are very bad and we will for sure ask for additional payment to cover this loss.

Account owner for both accounts: Strefa MTG s.c. Polna 30a, Warszawa, Poland
BIC/SWIFT for both accounts: PPABPLPK or PPABPLPKXXX (this depends on your bank system)
Please use order number 23XXXXXX as description in both cases
a. PLN - PL89 1750 0012 0000 0000 3349 9876 - please transfer ammount given to you in confirmation email.
b. EUR - PL33 1750 0012 0000 0000 3349 9914 - please transfer combined ammount for tournaments you pay for - you can find rate for each one at the end of registration description

Super Armory rate via online registration in EUR is 15 EUR

Ilość dostępna w magazynie: 130

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